Traning Services


To facilitate your search we have divided our courses into various segments together with an advice and guidance and a bespoke consultancy service. This ensures that you will receive the most appropriate training and education which then allow you to progress either yourself or your company.

Consultancy and Bespoke services

Our initial approach is to conduct a “Needs analysis” to determine the requirements that you need to enhance your company’s performance. From here in consultation with your executives we will develop unique training programmes which will service those needs.

Short Training courses

We have a large number of specified training courses which will train people in a variety of skills ranging from Health and Safety to First Aid. These courses vary in length from one day to two weeks and can be extended or shortened to suit the individual needs of your company.

Health and Safety at work—– First Aid at work—- CPR-AED –Paediatric First Aid— Manual Handling— Fire Marshall

Executive Training and Education

Leadership and management, management by objectives, sales training, customer care, social media introduction, change management, Business English writing courses, e-business introduction, executive office skills, food and beverage management coaching and mentoring, human resource management.

Accounts and Finance Courses

Our courses here are designed specifically for the working professional or those about to enter the profession: Sage accounting system, taxation guidance, debt management and financial consulting.


We are authorized to conduct IFA training courses. These courses are in the accountancy field and will include a certificate, diploma and advanced diploma.

Distance Learning

We have a wide variety of courses that can be accessed by on line technology.


We can provide CPD courses that will enhance the employment skills and knowledge of your employees.